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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are a mobile service, we come to you!


Q: Do you need a hose or a power outlet?

A: Our trucks are equipped with both water and power. When we arrive to detail your vehicle all we will need from you is your car.


Q: How often should I get my car detailed?

A: Constant driving can be extremely rough on your car. Between the hot sun and construction your car’s exterior can take a beating. We recommend that you get a quality wax applied at least 4 times per year to keep your vehicle looking shiny and undamaged. If you have a darker colored vehicle, especially black, we recommend you get one every month in the summer.


Q: What is the difference between you guys and the car wash down the street?

A: We are a completely mobile service. You don’t have to spend any time driving and waiting in line. We do everything by hand, which is the best way for your paint. At the wash down the way they run your car through a machine to wash and dry it as quickly as possible. There is no attention to detail. We work on one vehicle at a time and we take our time. Their goal is quantity, ours is quality. 


Q: Are there any taxes or hidden costs?

A: Very simply, no. There are no sales taxes and no hidden fees, whatever we quote you will be the price.


Q: Why should I bother having my car detailed if I am selling it?

A: You don't get a second chance to make a first impression! Showing a clean, well detailed vehicle to a potential buyer will speak volumes about you, and show that the car was taken care of and not cosmetically neglected. 


Q:How long does a wax job last?

A: Typically, between 3-4 months (compared to many other waxes that last 1-2 months!). We suggest a wax every 4 months.


Q: When I bought my new car, the salesman told me I have a clear coat on my paint and it NEVER needs waxing. Is this true?

A: FALSE! The fact is 'clear coat' is simply part of the paint system used on most cars and trucks manufactured since the early 1990's. This paint process consists of first painting the color (pigmented paint) that goes on flat without any shine, protection or durability. After the color has been added, clear urethane paint is added to make the finish hard and glossy. Older paints consist of a single stage paint, where the gloss and hardness is mixed with the color. Today’s clear coats simply make the paint look much more translucent with a deeper shine. Fact is, both paint systems MUST be waxed or sealed to protect them from the sun, pollution and other harmful elements.


Q: Buffing and waxing is the same thing aren't they?

A: Waxing is simply a protective element that is applied to the paint surface. While waxing may help add some shine to the paint, it should not be confused with buffing. Buffing is a paint correction process that utilizes a hi-speed rotary buffing machine. This process is used to remove superficial scratches, blemishes and fading of a paint surface


Q: How can we reach you?

A: We can be reached either by email, text, or you can call us directly. SAME DAY APPOINMENTS ARE ACCEPTED!


Q: Are you open during the winter?

A: Absolutely! Our services are available all year round.

 Located in Kansas City

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